Monday, 13 November 2017

How to make a website free at without any cost??With full Screenshot.

Hi Guys,
Today i am show,How to create a website without any cost???
Just follow the below's step.

1.First Go to

 2.Complete the form with true data.
3.You get mail  to your email & confirm it.

 4.Then you're redirected to your profile & find your created website.
Now i am show how complete a wapka website,Just follow the screenshot.

 5.Click on "Create New site"
 6.Type your desire website Name & Submit.
 7.Choose your template & Click on "Next Step"
 8.Type Website's Heading & Description.
 9.Then Click on "Go to manage site"
 10.Click on "Admin Panel".
Then You're Find your Website.

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